About Us

We moved to our 14 acre homestead in 2012.

Our first foray into agriculture was the spring of 2013 when we purchased six layers for our own use. Looking over the rest of our acreage, just lying idle, we decided to put it to better use. We started working on transforming our entire 14 acres into a habitat for cattle in the summer/fall of 2014.

We had a lot of debris, stumps and blown down trees, to clean up from the 2011 Vilonia tornado. We built our first barn and installed a fence around the perimeter. By May of 2015 our barn was complete and the fence installed. We purchased our first two bred heifers and a steer that May. In October of that same year we purchased a bred cow and two more steers. This became our starter herd. Our first of three calves born on the farm arrive January 2016. Our first on the farm breed and born calf arrived in September 2016.

Concurrently with starting our beef herd we decided to learn how to raise pastured broilers. We processed our first broilers in October 2015. 

This led up to us wanting fresh milk. In January 2017 our first Jersey arrived. She calved in February and we have fresh unadulterated milk.

In 2018 acquired four Katahdin  ewes to help in weed control.  That year we also purchased another 11 acres adjoining our original 14 acres.

Who knows what’s next for the homestead. Only time will tell. 

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